Southwood Celebrates Halloween – Tuesday, Oct. 31

This year, the Southwood CDD will close several streets to automobile traffic on Tuesday, Oct. 31 to better protect all children trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood. A total of 35 intersections will be blocked from 6:30 – 9 pm. All roadways will be accessible for emergencies.

Residents are encouraged to refrain from driving during these hours for the safety of ALL pedestrians; however, residents and their guests will be allowed to access their homes via automobiles as necessary. Golf carts and pedestrians will be allowed on closed roadways. Map of the planned closures. 

Security personnel will assist the general public with parking in designated areas from 6 – 9 pm. Public parking areas are located in Town Centre, by the Golf Club and by the Southwood Pool. Some public parking is also available along portions of Four Oaks Blvd., Shumard Oaks Blvd., Esplanade Way, Cummings Ave., Biltmore Ave. and Merchants Row Blvd.

Halloween Road Closures

Unit 1
1: Baringer Hill drive and Four Oaks Blvd.
2: Andalusia Ave and Four Oaks Blvd.
3: Buckhead Trace and Four Oaks Blvd.
4: Ivy Green Trail and Mulberry Park Blvd.
5: Chanticleer Court and Mulberry Park Blvd.
6: Cunard Drive and Mulberry Park Blvd.
7: Greyfield Drive and Mulberry Park Blvd.
8: Baringer Hill Drive and Grove Park Drive.

Note: CDD alleyways intersecting Mulberry Park Blvd (2) will be barricaded but unmanned

Unit 4
9: Mossy Creek Lane and Grove Park Drive

Unit 10
10: Drayton Drive and Esplanade Way
11: Fielding Way and Esplanade Way
12: Climbing Way and Esplanade Way
13: New Dawn Road and Esplanade Way
14: Fernleigh Drive and Esplanade Way
15: Merryfield Lane and Esplanade Way
16: Overlook Drive and Esplanade Way

Unit 17
17: Shady View Lane and Blair Stone Road
18: Shady View Lane and Four Oaks Blvd.

Unit 19
19: Twain Drive and Four Oaks Blvd

Unit 21
20: Dickinson Drive and Four Oaks Blvd

Unit 23
21: Summertree Drive and Merchants Row Blvd.
22: Calumet Drive and Four Oaks Blvd
23: Riverton Trail and Four Oaks Blvd
24: O’Toole Way and Four Oaks Blvd
25: Raleigh Way and Shumard Oak Blvd.
26: Summertree Drive and Shumard Oak Blvd

Unit 29
27: Mossy Creek Lane and Orange Avenue
28: Coneflower Drive and Orange Avenue
29: Mist Flower Road and Orange Avenue
30: Goldenrod Way and Four Oaks Blvd

Unit 30
31: Rain Lily Way and Four Oaks Blvd

Unit 32
32: Jasmine Hill Road and Orange Avenue

Misc. Roadway Closures
33: Orange Avenue East and Southwood Plantation Road
34: Grove Park Dr. and Terrebone Dr.
35: School House Road and Terrebone Dr.