The Southwood CDD held its December meeting on Dec. 14 at the Southwood Community Center and covered the following items:

Election of Chair, Vice Chair

In keeping with its annual tradition to elect new officers, the board elected Brian Kelley as chairman, Eli Nortelus as vice chairman and the three remaining supervisors as assistant secretaries for the purposes of being able to sign documents on behalf of the district. Staff will continue to serve as treasurer, secretary and assistant treasurers/assistant secretaries.

Park & Recreational Facilities Update

Chairman Kelley gave an update on the status of efforts to obtain land for additional recreational facilities and the recent City of Tallahassee Commission meeting.

Currently, the CDD is discussing two potential options: (1.) St. Joe could deed five acres of land at the north end of Southwood to the CDD or HOA for construction of a swimming pool, and would be willing to contribute to the cost of the project, based on CDD calculated assessments. This would be contingent on the CDD funding the cost for developing surrounding infrastructure, including an access road and utilities; and (2.) The City of Tallahassee could give the CDD 20 acres of land at the south end of Southwood to build other recreation facilities and fields. This arrangement would not be a lease; the CDD would own and control the land.

The City Commissioners authorized their staff to review the option for giving the 20 acres to the CDD, and the CDD hopes to have more information by the end of January 2018.

Additional Items

The CDD discussed the decision to transfer responsibility for maintaining the right-of-way in front of homes to the residents on Mossy Creek Land, Grove Park Drive and portions of some adjacent streets. This decision is in accordance with the HOA covenants. The Board is reviewing the CDD’s right-of-way maintenance activities to ensure a consistent policy is being applied.

The CDD continued its discussion about on-street parking at or near the traffic circle at Four Oaks Boulevard, based on a resident’s request. The CDD Board is waiting for feedback from the City of Tallahassee, which owns the road.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 11 at the Southwood Community Center. The agenda will be posted online a week before the meeting.