Here to Serve You

Map of newly marked areaThe Capital Region Community Development District (CDD) serves Southwood by operating and maintaining public spaces and making community-wide improvements. The CDD is a local special purpose government entity authorized by Florida Statutes, Ch. 190.

Improvements that have been financed and constructed by the CDD include roadways, stormwater management facilities, open spaces and recreational areas – with the exceptions of the pool and golf course. The CDD owns and continues to maintain the community’s alleyways, and stormwater management facilities, as well as the open spaces and recreational areas. While the CDD built many of the roadways in Southwood, most are now owned and maintained by the City of Tallahassee.

The CDD’s governing body is a five-member Board of Supervisors. The Board establishes the district’s policy in accordance with Florida law. Staff members administer the operations of the district and implement the Board’s policies and contracts.

What We Maintain

Green Spaces 100%
Central Park Lake 100%
Tot Lot and Playground 100%
Community Garden 50%

Public Records

The custodian of public records for the district is Jim Oliver of Governmental Management Services – North Florida, LLC. To request public records from the district you may contact the custodian by phone at 904-940-5850, by email at:, by fax at 904-940-5899 or by mail at 475 West Town Place, Suite 114, St. Augustine, FL 32092.

Our Staff

Jim OliverDistrict Manager, Government Management Services
Jim helps with overall CDD management, budget oversight and meeting management.
Robert BerlinOperations & Maintenance, Government Management Services
Robert is the main contact for maintenance-related items throughout Southwood.
Joseph BrownDistrict Counsel, Kutak Rock LLP
Joe provides legal counsel to the district.
Keith DantonEngineer, Dantin Consulting, LLC
Keith provides professional engineering consulting services to the district on items related to planning and development.
Rich HansAssistant Treasurer, Government Management Services
Rich works with district staff on financial oversight for the CDD.