Our Board of Superviors

Brian KelleyChairman
Chairman Responsibilities: Convene and conduct all meetings and sign CDD documents

Cell: 850-567-7600

Eli NortelusVice Chairman
Vice Chairman Responsibilities: All Chairperson duties in the absence of the Chairperson

Cell: 850-459-6506

David RambaSupervisor
Designated Areas of Community Interest: Budget/Bond Refinancing and HOA Coordination

Cell: 850-443-4444

Glenda Herrera-GraySupervisor
Designated Area of Community Interest: Security, City/County Coordination

Cell: 850-528-3137

John RaySupervisor
Designated Area of Community Interest: Roadways, Landscaping Conservation Areas, Parks and Recreation/Bike Paths/Trail System

Cell: 850-445-5044