Special Use Permits

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Generally speaking, park facilities are available to the general public on a first-come, first-serve basis and are managed according to the District’s facilities rules. However, special use permits for activities otherwise prohibited by these rules may be obtained from the District’s Property Manager.

The District may deny any application based on safety, site capacity, scheduling considerations, potential for community disturbance, other issues impacting the community or as may be in the best interests of the District. All decisions of the Board are final.

  • All persons receiving approved applications must sign a statement that they have read and agree to abide by the policies, rules and/or regulations of the District.
  • Proof of insurance (if required) and the applicable deposit must be received at least five business days prior to the scheduled event or assembly time.

Special Use Application Review and Approval

For special events or organized assemblies with fewer than 30 anticipated attendees, a completed short-form special use application must be returned to the District’s Property Manager at least 15 business days prior to the scheduled event or assembly time. This minimum application deadline may be waived if the Property Manager determines that such a waiver will not present a hazard to the safety of the public because of the reduced time available within which to fully process the application.

Applicants should take note that the Property Manager in his/her discretion may determine that a special use application should be subject to the review and approval of the District’s Board of Supervisors. Such applications will considered by the Board at its next regular meeting.

For special events or organized assemblies with 30 or more anticipated attendees, a complete special use application must be returned to the District’s Property Manager and will be considered by the Board at its next regular meeting.

For special events involving the service or sale of alcohol, an alcohol application form must be completed and submitted with the applicant’s completed application.

Insurance and Other Requirements: The District reserves the right, to be exercised by the District Property Manager or Board of Supervisors, to require the special use applicant to supply insurance, security, portable bathroom facilities, trash receptacles, garbage disposal and such other requirements as may necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare and District property on an event by event basis.

Deposits: Required Deposit for Anticipated Attendance

  • 20-29: $150
  • 30-39: $300
  • 40+: $450

To receive a full refund of the deposit, the following must be completed:

  • Ensure that all garbage and litter is collected and disposed of in approved receptacles or otherwise removed.
  • Remove all displays, picnic tables, chairs or other assembly or event items or remnants.
  • Ensure that no damage has occurred to the District’s Park Facilities or other District property.
  • All attendees at the assembly or event are required to adhere to all District policies, rules and/or regulations, including as provided in the District’s adopted Park Facility Policies.
  • All applicable City of Tallahassee and/or Leon County ordinances, rules or regulations must be complied with.

Failure to comply with such policies, rules and/or regulations may result in the forfeiture of the deposit. If additional cleaning or any repairs are required, the individual or organization that submitted the special use application will be liable for any expenses incurred by the District to hire an outside contractor for cleaning or repair services. The District’s Property Manager shall determine the amount of the deposit to return, if any.

Indemnifications and Waiver of Liability:

Each organization, group or individual reserving the use of a Capital Region Community Development District (“District”) Park Facility agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the District and its respective officers, agents and employees from any and all liability, claims, actions, suits or demands by any person, corporation or other entity, for injuries, death, property damage of any nature, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of the District Park Facilities, including litigation or any appellate proceedings with respect thereto. Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as a waiver of the District’s sovereign immunity granted pursuant to Section 768.28, F.S. The District and its agents, employees, and officers shall not be liable for, and the user hereby releases all claims for damage to or loss of personal property sustained by the user or any person claiming through the user resulting from any fire, accident, occurrence, theft or condition in or upon the District’s parks and recreational facilities.

Further, as a condition of the use of the District Park Facilities (hereinafter the “Activity or Activities”), each organization, group or individual reserving the use of the Park Facilities hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. The hazards of the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) and am familiar with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) guidelines regarding COVID-19. I acknowledge and understand that the circumstances regarding COVID-19 are changing from day to day and that, accordingly, the CDC guidelines are regularly modified and updated, and I accept full responsibility for familiarizing myself with the most recent updates. I further recognize and assume the risk that the District’s Park Facilities are not staffed and, therefore, the Park Facilities are not sanitized regularly. Even with sanitation procedures, the virus may remain on surfaces for days, sanitation procedures do not guarantee in anyway the virus is not present, and other individuals present within the premises may be COVID+ and I accept the inherent risks associated therewith by entering the premises or engaging in the Activities.
  2. I acknowledge and fully assume the risk of illness or death related to COVID-19 arising from my being on the premises and participating in the Activities and hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE (on behalf of myself and any minor children for whom I have the capacity to contract) the LONG LAKE RANCH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT, their supervisors, officers, directors, agents, employees, staff and assigns (the “RELEASEES”) from any liability related to COVID-19 which might occur as a result my being on the premises and participating in the Activities.
  3. I shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the RELEASEES from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, losses or expenses of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, costs and disbursements, whether of in-house or outside counsel and whether or not an action is brought, on appeal or otherwise), arising from or out of, or relating to, directly or indirectly, the infection of COVID-19 or any other illness or injury.

Special Permit Application Form