February 2019 Meeting Recap

The Southwood CDD held its February 2019 meeting on February 7 at the Southwood Community Center.

Highlights included:

At the meeting, the Board presented plaques to former supervisors Eli Nortelus and Glenda Herrera-Gray in recognition of their service to the Southwood community.

Traffic Study Discussion

CDD Engineer Keith Dantin provided details about the traffic analysis and conceptual plan to add approximately 25 on-street parking spaces on the eastbound roadway entering and the southbound roadway exiting the traffic circle at Blair Stone & Four Oaks. The Board approved providing the plan to the City of Tallahassee for review and subsequent discussion with Dantin Consulting. A summary of the presentation will be available soon.

Southwood Ball House

The Board discussed the appraisal of the small section of open space adjacent to the Ball House in Southwood, which may be conveyed to the parcel developer. Josh Kasper provided some details about the planned development of the parcel. The Board also began the process of levying CDD debt assessments on the parcel.

St. Joe Updates

Future Board meetings will include an agenda item for additional updates from St. Joe’s representative, John Curtis

The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 7 at the Southwood Community Center. The agenda will be posted online a week before the meeting.

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