May 2019 Meeting Recap

The Southwood CDD held its May 2019 meeting on May 9 at the Southwood Community Center. Highlights included:

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Schedule

The Board provided staff with guidance for preparing the FY 2020 proposed budget. The schedule for development of and vote on the final budget is as follows:

  • 6/13 – The Board approves the proposed budget and sets public hearing(s) on the approval and adoption of the final budget and operations and maintenance assessments.
  • 8/15 – The Board holds public hearing(s) on the final budget and assessments and votes on their final adoption.

St. Joe Update

St. Joe representative John Curtis provided and update regarding the company’s long-term development planning. St. Joe is coordinating community meetings at Ball House on May 30 and June 25. St. Joe has invited the CDD’s Board of Supervisors to attend the community meetings. As multiple members to the CDD’s Board may attend and discuss matters that could reasonable come before the CDD Board in the future, the community meetings will be open to the public and the CDD will provide public notice of the community meetings. No votes or official actions of the Board will be taken at the community meetings. Please see event flyer from St. Joe below.

Southwood Ball House Debt Assessment

The Board re-opened the continued public hearing from April 11 on the debt assessment for the Ball House and adopted Resolution 2019-05, which levied special assessments on the property according to the Master Assessment Methodology, and Resolution 2019-06, which allocated Series 2018A -1 assessments to the property for its current commercial use. If the Ball House property’s land use changes in the future (as currently planned by the owner and developer of this parcel), assessments will be re-allocated accordingly.

Residential Update

As of April 15, there are 3,677 registered voters living within the CDD.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, June 13 at 6:30pm at the Southwood Community Center. The agenda will be posted online a week before the meeting.

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