June 2018 Meeting Overview

June 2018 Meeting Recap

The Southwood CDD held its June 2018 meeting on June 14 at the Southwood Community Center. Highlights included:

Discussion of Pond Maintenance

Jess van Dyke updated the Board on the positive effects of the treatment regimen at Catfish Pond. Treatment recommendations include conducting additional testing at another lake with significant algae presence.

Discussion of DRI

The Southwood CDD is part of a development of regional impact (DRI), which is a large-scale development affecting more than one county that triggers state-level oversight under the Development Regional Impact Program, which has since been repealed. As the developer, St. Joe has recently indicated its desire to rescind and replace the current DRI. The CDD Supervisors have indicated interest and concern over the potential impacts on the CDD and the continued sufficiency and function of the infrastructure it has constructed and financed. The CDD has reached out to the City of Tallahassee expressing its interest and identifying potential areas of concern and has also reached out to St. Joe. The CDD will continue to monitor this matter as it develops and seek to protect the CDD’s interests.

Update on Park and Recreational Facilities

The Chairman provided an update on the City’s actions regarding park area clearing and development, including permission from the CDD for the City to relocate protected gopher tortoises on district property. The Board also discussed the current situation with the Southwood Golf Course and unanimously authorized Supervisor Ramba to work with the CDD staff to investigate options for the CDD to purchase the course in an effort to protect its value to the community.

Discussion of Fiscal Year 2019 Budget and 2017 Audit.

The proposed FY 2019 budget was approved by the Board, and the budget hearing was scheduled for August 16, which allows at least 60 days between approval and the hearing for adoption. The Board also accepted the FY 2017 audit and discussed whether to begin assessing the Southwood House.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, July 12 at the Southwood Community Center. The agenda will be posted online a week before the meeting.

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